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I, Driver

I saw some car-related questions in an “Interesting Facts About Me” quiz that was making the rounds on Facebook, and I thought I’d answer them here. I’m not sure these are particularly interesting facts about me. It’s just that cars … Continue reading

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Reading Binge

I’m on a Barbara Michaels binge. As I joked with my husband, one could get the impression that Barbara Michaels’s stories are all the same. First, a woman moves into an old house, typically in the D.C. area. The house … Continue reading

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Random Stories from 2017

Dear Kids, Here are some stories about us. I had bought each of you several special coloring books of your own, so when I purchased Johanna Basford’s The Enchanted Forest, it was supposed to be my coloring book. Honestly, I … Continue reading

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The Journey and the Destination

Last night I was reading a romantic suspense novel. The main female character was dating a male character who I couldn’t stand. I suspected that he would turn out to be the bad guy. I didn’t care one way or … Continue reading

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Reading in 2017

I started keeping track of my reading when I began my blog in 2007. Between then and the end of 2017, I read 498 books. I had hoped to read two more before the new year, just to even out … Continue reading

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Better Today

My eye feels much better today. It’s still a little gunky and itchy, but it’s no longer red and swollen. I’m going to attribute that to the Healing Soup (a.k.a. chicken pho) that I had for dinner last night. Hooray … Continue reading

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For January

We’re twenty days into the new year and I haven’t finished everything I wanted to do for 2017. That’s not good. I don’t want to spend all year playing catch-up. So . . . To finish by January 31: Put … Continue reading

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Off to a Poor Start

I woke up this morning with pinkeye. I knew it before I even got out of bed. My eye felt like a gummy bear had used it as a restroom. That’s no way to start the weekend.

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Movies and Books

People love to talk about movies that are poor adaptations of beloved books. But there are many times when the movies, good or bad, lead us to read the books that they were based on. That’s a good thing. And … Continue reading

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Days Like This

Some days I wonder if I am anything more than a collection of bad habits.

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