Better Today

My eye feels much better today. It’s still a little gunky and itchy, but it’s no longer red and swollen. I’m going to attribute that to the Healing Soup (a.k.a. chicken pho) that I had for dinner last night. Hooray for Healing Soup!

I accomplished a lot this weekend, too. Most importantly, I put my ornaments into their new boxes while listening to Christmas music, so that’s two things crossed off my list from yesterday. I don’t like putting Christmas ornaments away (who does?), but the music helped to lighten my mood. As expected, I changed my mind about how to wrap the ornaments about halfway through, so some are wrapped better than others. I didn’t have enough paper to wrap every ornament, so I reused old bubble wrap for the glass ornaments. Some of the bubble wrap is so old that it looks grubby, but it has done such a good job protecting the ornaments all these years, I figure why not let it keep doing that? Plus it was the environmentally conscientious thing to do. I was already throwing away so much old packing material. It made me feel better to salvage some of it.

Between feeling better physically and having gotten such a big task done, I’m in a more positive frame of mind than I was at the start of the weekend. I hope you all had a good weekend, too!

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