Day Off

On Friday I decided to take the day off from work. Livia was at her Vovó’s and Marshall was at school. Five days had been magically added to my work deadline, and I had a full complement of paid days off. So there was no one demanding my attention, no reason why I couldn’t take a break.

My plan was to play my piano, eat some lunch, and then go for a hike in my snowshoes. And that’s exactly what I did.

The hike was strenuous. Snowshoes make it possible to walk when the snow is deep. They do not, however, make it easy. Also, I was carrying a lot of extra weight. In addition to the snowshoes and my extra-warm, bulky clothing, I had a ski pole and a backpack containing some emergency supplies (a bottle of water, a light, and a thermal blanket).

Fortunately, I had decided to go to the Icefalls, and they’re not far. I chose them as my destination because I figured the excessive snow and freezing temps would have made them grow large. And I was right!

Walk1 Walk2 Walk3

At least the snow, which has been so problematic in other ways, makes beautiful icefalls. It’s also a fine backdrop for shadows.


Shadow Tree


Shadow Me

The only sour note to the day was the news that actor Leonard Nimoy had died. I spent the evening watching a 3-movie “Star Trek” marathon in his honor. I’m sad that he’s gone, but he lived long and prospered, and that’s the most that any of us, human or Vulcan, can hope for.

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