A Sunday Afternoon Walk

I went walking again today. This time I had tracks to walk in, and that made the going so much easier. I went a little farther than I had on Friday, but of course I stopped at the Icefalls to see if they had changed. They hadn’t, really, but I took some more photographs anyway.

Icefalls 1

Fresh snow gave the ice a “frothiness” that made it almost look like moving water.

Icefalls 4

Still Big and Beautiful

Icefalls 3

Behind the Icefalls

I would have liked to crawl into that cave and look out through the different colored sections of ice. I’m no chicken, but even as I was taking these pictures, I was extremely conscious of the huge icicles mere inches from my shoulder. There was ice everywhere on the ground. I was wearing snowshoes and backpack, which made me bigger and klutzier. I neither wanted to fall nor dislodge large pieces of ice onto my head. So I contented myself with standing halfway inside and taking pictures.

I headed back home. I was about ten feet from my back door when I got careless. I didn’t watch where I was putting my snowshoe, it slid deep into a hole in the snow, and down I went. It was a reminder of how deep the snow is. It would be impossible to walk more than a few feet without the snowshoes.

The funny thing is that I almost returned the snowshoes shortly after buying them. That was a few years ago, before we got all this snow, and I doubted I’d ever use them. Now I think I’ve probably gotten my money’s worth. Hooray for snowshoes!


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