Truth or Fiction?

Everybody has something to say about taking care of a baby.

A sneeze is as good as a burp.—Hospital Nurse

According to the hospital nurse, a sneeze brings up air. I think she was full of hot air herself. Based on the amount of spit-up I’ve seen, I’d say only a burp is as good as a burp.

The first two weeks are hard but you’ll soar through the third and then you’ll be fine.—Doctor’s-Office Nurse

I believed this and it was like a light at the end of the tunnel. Then our doctor told us Thursday that we can now expect the baby to cry vigorously for three hours a day for absolutely no reason. That’s not what I’d call “fine”!

Sleep when the baby sleeps.—Friend’s Mother

Good advice that’s more easily said than done. My body knows the difference between day and night and it doesn’t believe in sleeping during the afternoon.

Let a sleeping baby lie.—Faithful Reader

I don’t know where Faithful Reader got this saying from. It’s probably good advice, except when your baby is jaundiced, in which case you had better do everything within your power to wake him up and get some food into him.

Just when you get to the point when breastfeeding seems intolerable, it gets better.—Childbirth-Class Teacher

The jury is still out on this one. I hope it’s not another false “light at the end of the tunnel” tale!

Wait until the baby is done pooping.—Friend

This advice on diaper changes may well be the best advice we’ve gotten. We have tried to follow it, too, but babies are downright mischievous with their bowel movements. Just when you think they can’t poop any more, they do.

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