What I Saw on Wednesday

I took the day off from work Wednesday. I was in need of a mental health day. With several hours all to myself, I went for a walk around the library. I always try to get out there at this time of year to see the wild roses. In my memory, the wild roses spread across the woods like sweet-smelling snowbanks in June. Sadly, the trail managers have cut the roses back in some areas, but there are still a few places where they grow densely, if not quite “snowbank” dense.


I wish you could experience how they perfume the woods. Look at this close-up and try to imagine the smell of roses.

I was sad earlier this year when the bumblebees didn’t show up to pollinate the violets. I am happy to say, though, that I have seen an abundance of other insect life this year, including some other potential pollinators, like this one.


Little Bee

And check out this handsome fellow.


Male Black-Winged Damselfly
According to my Audubon field guide, this guy lives along slow streams in forests and flits about like a butterfly. That is exactly where and what he was doing when I found him.

And if that weren’t enough buggy goodness, my husband showed me the most interesting beetle when I got home.


Eastern eyed click beetle
“Here’s looking at you, kid”

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  1. sprite says:

    I love examples of mimicry! Thanks for sharing that last shot. (I mean the rest were nice, too, but still…)

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