Workday Adventure

I had a little adventure the last time that I went to Connecticut for work. I decided to take my lunch break at the local beach. I like this beach because it’s convenient and free. It also has this excellent boardwalk that makes you feel like you’re going somewhere special.


Boardwalk at Silver Sands

It always seems like such a long walk down this boardwalk, but this time there was someone to greet me. He obviously wanted his picture taken. I obliged him.


Red-Winged Blackbird

When I got to the end of the boardwalk it was clear that I had reached the beach at low tide. The entire tombolo to the island was exposed.


Tempting Tombolo

This was an opportunity too great to resist. Today I would finally do something that I had always wanted to do. I would visit Charles Island!

I wasn’t sure how much time I had before the tide would come back in and flood the tombolo, so I walked as fast as I possibly could. It’s farther than it looks. Boy, was I tired and hot by the time I reached the island! And then, where the tombolo meets the island, this sign:


This entire island is closed!

I had forgotten about the birds. Bad timing. Just a few days earlier, I could have explored. But, as much as I would have liked to look around, I wasn’t about to endanger the next generation of shorebirds. So I started the long trek back, and just in time. The tide was starting to come back in.


Here comes the tide,
all dressed in wet!

I had to take my shoes off at this point, which was pleasant for a while. Shoeless, my progress was slower, but I didn’t mind. Having already traversed the lowest and narrowest part of the tombolo, there was no reason (well, aside from work) to rush back, so I took my time. I combed the beach for attractive shells, including jingle shells, which are abundant here. The whole experience was absolutely delightful until my feet started to feel the exfoliating effects of the rocks, shells, and sand, and my face started to feel the toasting it was getting from the sun. Then I put my shoes back on and quickened my pace.

But I paused again on the boardwalk to enjoy the antics of another red-winged blackbird.



I read somewhere that a male red-winged blackbird will do just about anything to get noticed. This certainly seemed to be the case today. He put on a marvelous show, complete with singing and dancing. What a beauty.

I arrived back at the office a little later than I ought to have. And I was sweaty, which is not a nice way to be at work, plus I had a mild sunburn. C’est la vie. I am not a bold person in most ways, yet I am blessed with something of an adventurous spirit. When an opportunity like this presents itself to me, I must take it. And I’m glad that I did!

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