Favorite Ornaments

Our Christmas tree has been dropping a lot of needles, and the only thing drinking its water is Peeps, the cat. So I decided yesterday that it was time for the tree to go. The kids and I removed the ornaments and lights, and also rounded up all the candles, wreaths, and other Christmas decorations. Then I packed all those bright and cheery things away in boxes. It was depressing.

But I did enjoy putting away some of the ornaments that have special memories attached to them.

IMG_3824 (2) - Copy

Sheep ornament from Bath, England

IMG_3826 (2) - Copy

Glass lizard ornament from Bermuda

IMG_3834 (2) - Copy

Cloisonne spider ornament from a craft fair in West Virginia

These are all ornaments that I bought on trips with my husband. Handling them, even if only to put them away, always reminds me of good times. It helps that I still have the original packaging, so I can be sure of where they came from. Now they’re tucked away in their packaging again, but I’m glad to know that they’re safe and sound, and that they’ll be there to make me smile later this year.

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