This Was My Day


  • Marshall’s bus was late again. Normally there’s at least 40 minutes between his bus and Livia’s, but today he arrived just before she did. So I had to wait outside in the rain for almost an hour. I already had a cold (yes, another one), which had me talking like a frog all day. Now I feel like I’m coming down with pneumonia. Thanks, bus.
  • I cooked broccoli as part of dinner tonight. That probably sounds unexciting, but if you knew how much I have always hated broccoli (the taste, texture, and smell of it), then you would also know how weird it is that I deliberately cooked some. I did it for the kids, who don’t eat enough veggies. I used frozen broccoli, because it comes prechopped. I opted to steam it, because I’ve always particularly hated boiled veggies. Then I ate some to test it, and it actually wasn’t bad. I have never in my life had any reaction to broccoli other than gagging, so it was kind of exciting. I only cooked a tiny bit, but since Marshall ate his small portion without complaint, and because I didn’t throw up after consuming mine, I will definitely prepare more next time. It wasn’t a 100% success, though, because Livia refused to touch it, and even got mad at me for putting a tiny piece on her plate. She is stubborn, just like her mother.
  • I played my piano today. I’m making good progress on one of the pieces that I started learning a few months ago. I can play it all the way through now, and I’ve started to memorize it. It’s got some tricky staccato triplets in it that I haven’t quite mastered yet, but they sounded better today.
  • I watched a movie (“Robot Overlords”) while I was working. I really shouldn’t have, but that’s part of why it was so much fun.
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