The Best Audience

Dear Kids,

I write you letters on my blog because I want to remember all the good times that we’ve had together. Thanks to these posts, our family stories will last not only the lifetime of this blog, but also the lifetime of the photo albums in which I print them. I also like to think that someday, when you’re older, you’ll enjoy reading them. That’s why I write the stories in letter format and address them to you.

But it turns out that you already like to hear some of them. I read you a few of the stories from your baby albums last night, and you were thrilled. Livia loved hearing about the song “Fast Moving Baby” that I wrote for her when she learned to crawl. Not only does she like being the subject of a song, but she thinks it’s might funny that baby Livia used to climb on chairs and mess with my computer. Marshall particularly liked the post that I wrote about his clock radio. Lately he’s been enjoying listening to the radio’s nature sounds and songs. It amazes him that he was once a baby and that baby Marshall listened to the same things.

You have no idea how happy it made me to read these stories to you and to have you like them. And this couldn’t have happened at a better time. You see, I had just been to the office and found out that another of my coworkers has published a book. That makes at least five coworkers, past or present, to have done so. And the latest issue of my alma mater’s alumni magazine is, as usual, practically bulging with publication announcements. Not that I begrudge any of these people their successes, but they could make a person feel a little inadequate.

When you listened to my stories, laughed at the little jokes in them, and then asked to hear more, you made it all better. My audience may be small, both in number and in stature, but it’s the best audience in the world. Even if I never write anything else or have another audience, I will at least always have this wonderful memory. Thank you!



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