Strange Weather Day

Today we awoke to a winter wonderland.


Snow-Covered Trees

The flowers didn’t love this type of April shower. The daffodil buds were fine, but most of the daffodils that had flowered already were completely crushed to the ground and covered by snow. Only a few yellow blooms were still visible.


Sad Daffodil

The crocuses got thoroughly smushed, and many of the hyacinths, too, but a few fared better.


Hyacinths Standing Tall

Since then we’ve had periods of snow interspersed with periods of bright springtime sun. In fact, the sun was shining while I wrote most of this post, but then the sky clouded over and snow started to fall. Minutes later, the sun was back. My mom says the weather has been behaving similarly at her house. It is a strange weather day.

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