Nosiest Neighbors Ever

If there’s anything that my husband and I dislike, it’s nosy neighbors. We’re not interested in other people’s drama, and we don’t like to be watched. So we have always carefully avoided looking too closely into the lives of anyone living around us, and we’ve always resented the neighbors who have poked into our business.

But with the arrival of our newest neighbors, our attitude has changed. These neighbors are just too cute for us to ignore. Of course, cute is a subjective term. The robin babies are not that attractive right now. They resemble nothing so much as a pile of rubber chickens.


Heap of Baby Robins–it’s hard to tell from the picture, but there are four of them.

There’s usually only one adult bird on the nest, so it almost seems like only one robin is caring for the babies. Our spying eyes have uncovered the truth, though. Both parents are involved, as you can see from this rare shot of the two of them together.


The Two Proud Parents Together

They’ve been working hard to feed their babies. Food deliveries happen often during the day.


Grub Delivery!

So this is a strange turnabout for us, keeping such close tabs on the neighbors. We know what they’re up to, whether it’s cleaning the nest, hunting for grub, or feeding their kids. I’m pretty sure they don’t like us, but we keep watching them anyway. We must be the nosiest neighbors ever!

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