I Love My Peeps

I am grateful for Peeps.

When Peeps ran away, I worried about her. We live on a heavily traveled road and there are coyotes and fisher cats in the woods. I thought it likely that either speeding car or hungry beast would do her in, and I felt so sorry for her. It wasn’t fair that she should die like that. That said, I was also relieved to go back to having just two cats. Three cats is really one too many for us, a lesson we learned the hard way.

But Peeps came back, and she came back sweeter that when she left. What’s more, she has since proven her worth. Peeps, as it turns out, is a first-class hunter. From mosquito to moth to mouse, she hunts it and she hunts it well. The main part of our house is usually mouse-free, but sometimes the mice manage to sneak in from the outer parts of the house, which still need some work to seal them up properly. Our champion hunter has caught three mice within the last couple of days. Go Peeps!

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