Roses, Books, and Popsicles

I always try to get out to see the wild roses at this time of year. Today I finally had the chance. I took the kids with me to the nature trail at the library. We took care not to get too close to the edge of the trail (to avoid ticks and poison ivy) and to move at a brisk pace (to avoid mosquitoes). It’s no fun to be paranoid, but better safe than sorry. We couldn’t get close to the roses for most of the walk, but toward the end there was one giant bush that was safe to approach. They smelled wonderful. We also stopped at the memorial garden and smelled the peonies. Then we went into the library. We talked to the librarian about good books for a boy of Marshall’s age, and she suggested some good series for him. With an armful of books for Marshall and a Barbie movie for Livia, and a few books for Mommy, too, we left the library and hit the grocery store, where we bought some popsicles for the kids.

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