What a Mess!

Total chaos in the kitchen!

Not caused by my cooking. No, blame the refrigerator. It has this problem where it freezes up inside and then water pools in the bottom and finally leaks onto the floor. Yesterday it peed on the floor again, and after we were done cursing and wringing out our wet socks, we decided to finally fix it properly. But fixing it meant thawing it, and thawing it meant emptying it. So there’s food and refrigerator shelves all over the place. We tried to save everything, but the thawing has taken so long that everything except what we were able to squeeze into our small “beer fridge” will probably have to be thrown away.

In a way it’s good, because we needed to declutter our fridge. A certain someone had stashed numerous half-empty jars of salsa in there. And a certain someone else was apparently hoarding ketchup and salad dressing packets. And as is the way of these things, this big mess led us to other hidden messes, which I am glad are now cleaned up.

I feel a little like Rain Man, though. I don’t handle this kind of disruption well. The kids don’t mind. I served them a fast-food dinner as a carpet picnic in my office, which they enjoyed. They didn’t object to a toast-only breakfast this morning.

When I suggested to my husband that it will be costly to replace everything, he scoffed. Then I did some simple math for him. He had to admit that the math was alarming, but then he said, “Your estimates are based on unopened, unused items that have not lost any value.” He has a point, but then again, we’re only going to buy unopened, unused items!

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