The Adventure of Peeps: Part III

I am so tempted to backdate this post so it looks like I wrote it yesterday, but I just can’t lie like that. Here is the Sunday Stories post with my apologies for being late again. For the first part of the story, click here.

Peeps focused on the small creature before her. A champion mouser of great repute (at least among her fellow cats), Peeps was ever ready for new prey. It had big eyes and spotted, warty skin and it was wearing a bright blue scarf. She didn’t know what kind of mouse it was, but she wasn’t about to let it get away. She raised her paw, ready to knock the creature senseless and gobble it up.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” cautioned the creature.

“Why not?” said Peeps, starting to salivate at the thought of dinner.

“For one thing, I’m the only creature in the woods that can help you this evening.”

Peeps thought that was unlikely, and even if true, she was in desperate need of some comfort food.

“And for another,” said the creature, “I’m a toad, and do you know what toads do when you bite them?”

Peeps shook her head.

“They excrete a poisonous and foul-tasting liquid,” he lectured. “If you bite me, you’ll regret it.”

No mouse had ever talked to Peeps like that. Usually they just squeaked in fright as she batted them around. She looked closely at the so-called toad and slowly realized (for she was not the fastest thinker), that it had neither fur nor tail. It was not at all mouselike. She decided not to kill it, at least not yet. She lowered her paw and asked, “Why are you wearing a scarf?”

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