There’s Still Time

As I was looking through my folder of draft posts today, I found this old list. It ought to have been published earlier this year, but I never finished it. Everything on it still sounds like a good goal, so here it is.

To Do in 2018

  1. Finish sorting and dealing with the stacks of paper that have accumulated in my bedroom and office.
  2. Bring bags of old clothing and toys to the donation store. They’re all set aside already. They just need to be taken to the place.
  3. Finish the novel. I haven’t been working on it, and it’s getting more and more distant in my mind. Not good.
  4. Hang up the pictures that are leaning against the wall.
  5. Put pictures in the frames that are sitting empty.
  6. Sort through my wardrobe. Discard what I don’t want. Buy what I need.
  7. Sign the kids up for music lessons.
  8. Sign up for an awesome, once-in-a-lifetime vacation for the family. It’s a pricey endeavor, but we’ve earned it.
  9. Make final decisions of my piano repertoire and make recordings of me playing it all. I can’t continue to play at this level for much longer, so I want to be able to look back and be proud of what I accomplished.
  10. Figure out how to use my new camera and start taking pictures.
  11. Broaden my hiking horizons. There are so many places in Rhode Island and Massachusetts to explore.
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2 Responses to There’s Still Time

  1. sprite says:

    Those all still sound like wonderful goals! And who says you have to be traditional and set goals at the beginning of the year. Spring seems like a much more realistic time to have a rosy view of what a year might hold!

  2. chick says:

    Thank you. You’re right, of course. Spring is a better time!

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