Writing and Playing

Dear Kids,

Here are some stories about you.

You have always loved communicating with handwritten notes. You leave them all over the house. Recently I found ones that said “Can we play Minecraft togotor?” and “Will we be nis?”

Livia is wonderfully dramatic. One day she was playing with a flashlight. She suddenly turned to me and said, “Do you think this is a good ending?” Then she put the flashlight beam under her chin so that she looked scary, and she said in her raspiest voice, “And the lights went out!”

The school makes a big deal out of the Hundredth Day of School. As part of this year’s celebration, the principal called 100 parents to tell them positive stories about their children. I was one of the lucky parents to receive such a call. She read these comments from Marshall’s teacher: “Marshall has grown since the beginning of the year. His writing has improved. Everyone likes to hear his insightful comments about science.”

One day I asked you to write a paragraph about what you had done at school that day. Marshall wrote, “Today I got Fun on the Run (that’s a school lunch with a soft pretzel and yogurt). Then I played with some Story Cubes, and finally I investigated what the size of a wheel on a cart does to its motion.” His writing really has improved. Way to go, Marshall!

Speaking of Story Cubes, I didn’t know that you could play with them at school. We have some here, too, but we call them “Punishment Dice.”  To play Punishment Dice, you roll the cubes, then you use the pictures on them to make up stories about amazing adventures and/or how you’d like to punish your family. Isn’t that terrible? But you get such a kick out of it! I like the game, too, and you usually invite me on your amazing adventures rather than punish me.

I love joining you on your amazing adventures and being part of your everyday lives.



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  1. Faithful Reader says:

    “I like the game, too, and you usually invite me on your amazing adventures rather than punish me.”

    That’s nice but why am I always the one always tied to a tree, covered in honey, set on fire and surrounded by hungry bears?

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