No Work Today

I knew when I woke up this morning that I wasn’t going to work today. I just don’t feel like it. I stayed up too late last night, so I am tired, and I am angry at the state of the world. Concentration is elusive, and if there’s anything my job requires, it’s concentration.

It does not help that I have no work to do. Or rather, I have no deadline work, and I haven’t had any for a couple of weeks, meaning I’ve been left to my own devices to fill my days. My boss is on vacation, so she can’t send me more work. I always have a backlog of documentation to be written or updated, so I did a ton of that, but I need some answers and approvals from my boss before I can complete what I’ve done so far. I also did some editing for my next project and some work for another department. But I have used up all of my capacity to keep myself busy, and now I’m feeling thoroughly bored and unmotivated. By rights, I ought to have made my employer pay me to be bored today, but there’s so much beautiful sunshine outside, and I want more of it that I can justify taking on a break.

So to Hell with work. Today I’m just going to amuse myself. I will finish this blog post while I eat my breakfast, then I will go book browsing and Nature walking.

P.S. When I run out of vacation days at the end of the year and have to work during the two holiday weeks, remind me of how much I enjoyed this day off.

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