Twilight Mood

Making the bed is a repetitive chore, so to help stave off boredom, I arrange things a little differently each time (it’s amazing how many variations are possible given seven pillows and a stuffed hedgehog!). This picture shows how the bed looked yesterday. Usually the shams on the two biggest pillows match the light blue comforters, but I thought it would be nice for a change to use the shams that match the dark blue coverlet. I keep the coverlet on the bed simply because I couldn’t resist buying it, so I have to use it somehow. It’s super soft and nice to lie down on for quick naps. All those things can’t stay on the bed all night, though, so every night before sleep, I fold the coverlet in half, roll it up, and put it on the chest at the foot of the bed. Then I pile the pillows up on the ottoman. This nighttime ritual can be annoying on those occasional nights when I’m exhausted and want to go to sleep immediately, but most nights it’s soothing, as most rituals are, which is why we bother having them.
Here is the same scene from a different angle to show that the bookcase headboard isn’t as dinky as it looks in the other picture. But where, you may ask, are all the books? If you’re going to have a bookcase headboard, shouldn’t there be more books? You’d think so, but it turns out that I like having just that one stack of unread books. It’s easy to dust around and small enough that it feels like it will be a simple task to read them all. But, to be honest, I always read the book that’s on top, and when I’m done with it I put a new book on top. So I’m not not sure when I’ll get to the rest of the stack, but whatever. ๐Ÿ™‚
Here is a close-up of Tiggy, the Three-Legged Hedgehog. She is the softest stuffed animal in the universe. Someday I will sew her missing leg back on. In the meantime, she seems content to act as a decorative pillow with character. The star pillow is from Target. I purchased it for $5 on a whim. I had only planned to use it for the Christmas season, but I’ve since decided to keep it permanently, because it matches the twilight mood of the room.
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