Creeping Blue

It started with the great room, where we painted the walls dark blue. Then the blue spread to our bedroom. Now the blues, creeping from one room to the next, have reached the kitchen and dining room via our new willowware dishes.

Calamityware Sea Monster Plate
Each of the 12 Calamityware dinner plate designs has a different calamity. The sea monster is one of my favorites, but they’re all awesome.

It was totally unexpected, the sudden urge to buy new dishes, but when I saw an ad for Calamityware in my Facebook feed, I fell in love. I also didn’t expect my husband to like them, but he did. Faced with the prospect of having to entertain the whole family next Thanksgiving, splurging on dishes seemed like a perfectly reasonable idea to us. So we bought ourselves a set of Calamityware. And when you have nice dishes, you need other nice things to go with them, so . . .

Fancy New Stuff

Now we have these fancy blue goblets, crystal water glasses, and shiny new flatware. The table runner and place mats will likely be blue, too. And since it’s time to repaint and redecorate the dining room, we’ll probably add some blue elements to match the dishes (curtains and and chair cushions, perhaps). The blue just keeps on creeping.

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