Day 10: Limping into Spring

Today we had one of those famous New England spring snowstorms.

Maybe blooming early
wasn’t such a good idea.
Heads bowed low with snow,
the daffodils ponder their life choices.

Marshall and I went hiking in the woods as the snow was falling and it was, as always, beautiful.

Marshall Leads the Way

It’s good that we enjoyed the snow while it lasted, because spring snow is ephemeral. Rain is washing it away even as I write this. But, having somehow hurt my left foot during yesterday’s hike, I shouldn’t have gone out today. Now I can’t walk without limping.

Other items of note:

  • My brother called me today. He and his family are OK. He’s worried this virus will kill him, because he’s 50 and a smoker. I worry about that, too. Too many people I love are in the above-average-risk category. I need to make more phone calls.
  • The kids finished signing up for their remote learning classes. Tomorrow their e-schooling officially begins.
  • The kids’ remote fencing classes also begin this week. We have borrowed foils. Now we just have to set up a practice area with a target.
  • Livia lost a tooth today. Lucky for Livia, the Tooth Fairy is not afraid of coronavirus and doesn’t practice social distancing.
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