Day 11: Death and a Bird

  • Today my Twitter feed was full of names of people who have died from coronavirus. It will get worse before it gets better, and I don’t know how we’ll stand it.
  • For the sake of future context, here are the coronavirus numbers as of 7:54 this evening: over 421,000 cases globally with nearly 19,000 dead. Over 53,000 of the cases are in the U.S., and we’ve lost 712 citizens. Rhode Island has 124 verified cases, CT has 618, and MA 1,159.
  • Some Republicans, watching the market tank, and getting tired of lockdown restrictions, have suggested that perhaps seniors ought to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the economy and the stock market. Greedy, heartless bastards.
  • Today Netflix shipped the movie Parasite to us, but when I saw the e-mail announcement, what I read was “We’ve shipped you a parasite.” And I thought, “What, the virus ain’t bad enough?”
  • I saw a cardinal perched in the back yard. We don’t have a bird feeder right now, so there was no food to draw him here. He just randomly stopped by, and that was very kind of him. Cardinal red is a cheerful red.
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