Just Do Something!

One day, years ago, I realized that I wasn’t pursuing any of the many ideas I had. I remember saying, “If I did half of what I thought about doing, I’d be twice as successful in life.” It sounded wise, but I didn’t listen until I became so desperately unhappy that I finally said to myself, “Just do something!”

That’s when enrolled in library school. True, I left the program after a single semester, but it wasn’t a failure. I learned things that I needed to know and that I still need to keep in mind.

  • I don’t want to be a librarian. That’s good to know, and because I gave it a shot, I’ll never have to wonder “what if?”
  • I like school and I’m good at it. Though I can’t make a career out of taking classes, I can do something with the interests and skills that make school so enjoyable for me.
  • Change is good. When I went back to school, I felt more energized. I met new people. I had new things to do, to think about, to say.

I was right. Doing something is better than doing nothing. Even though I took the wrong path, it gave me answers to questions, sharpened my skills, and kept me active.

Now here I am at the same place again—full of ideas, pursuing none of them, and becoming desperately unhappy. So I say again, “Just do something!”

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