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Lesson from 2008

While we were at Watkins Glen in July, I found this adorable little caterpillar. I photographed him and started to put my camera away. Faithful Reader asked, “Aren’t you going to take a picture from the other side?” I didn’t … Continue reading

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There’s nothing I love more than a neologism that fills a need. I like the term “Bucket List” (from the movie) to describe a list of things to do before one dies. We all ought to have such a list, … Continue reading

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Four Walks

I’ve only taken four walks so far this year. But four walks, I hope you’ll agree, are better than none. 1 It was January. The last time I had walked the path, there had been a few brave flowers still … Continue reading

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Just Do Something!

One day, years ago, I realized that I wasn’t pursuing any of the many ideas I had. I remember saying, “If I did half of what I thought about doing, I’d be twice as successful in life.” It sounded wise, … Continue reading

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This is my 201st post! I wish that my 200th had been about something more exciting than spider solitaire, but I didn’t plan ahead. No matter. It’s simply wonderful to have made it past the 200 mark. Now let’s go … Continue reading

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