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Amazing Baby

Dear Livia, You’re so beautiful. Your hair and eyes are brown. Does that sound plain? It’s not! You have big, pretty eyes surrounded by thick lashes. There’s a touch of red in your hair. We can’t be sure how red … Continue reading

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This Poirot comment was obviously written for me. A girl may be beautiful and have auburn hair and yet be silly. from “Double Sin”

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What a Year

Back in April of 2007, I wrote a silly little post about Bathtub Hairballs and I haven’t stopped writing since. The goal for my blogiversary was to have written 365 posts, one for each day of a typical year. This … Continue reading

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Four Walks

I’ve only taken four walks so far this year. But four walks, I hope you’ll agree, are better than none. 1 It was January. The last time I had walked the path, there had been a few brave flowers still … Continue reading

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There’s Always a Priestess

Sci-Fi/Fantasy has always been one of my favorite genres, but I don’t read fantasy novels, except YA, much anymore. The descriptions all sound the same to me. There’s always a priestess, and there are clans and silly made-up words and … Continue reading

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Hair and Harry

Harry Potter arrived at about 1:30 this afternoon, just as I was about to leave to get my hair cut. I had to put Harry aside in favor of my hair. It was awful, but my hair looks much better! … Continue reading

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People love to talk about hardwood floors. They’re supposed to be so great, but I’m living on hardwood floors and let me tell you something—they may look nice but they’re absolutely infested with dust bunnies. You can sweep and clean … Continue reading

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Love for One’s Fellow Creatures

I found a small creature in the bathtub today. The water pouring from the faucet swept the poor little thing from its home atop the drain. I saw it floating in the water and was tempted to leave it there, … Continue reading

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