Amazing Baby

Dear Livia,

You’re so beautiful. Your hair and eyes are brown. Does that sound plain? It’s not! You have big, pretty eyes surrounded by thick lashes. There’s a touch of red in your hair. We can’t be sure how red your hair will look when you get older, but I think the color is going to be magnificent.

You’re so curious, just like a cat. As soon as Marshall and I start to play a game or read a book on the floor, you’re there to watch and grab. If I block off any area of my office with pillows and boxes, you headbutt the pillows and boxes until you force a way through. I just plugged my computer in, and within seconds you had your hand on the plug. That’s dangerous, Sweetie! But it was new and you had to go for it. You can’t help yourself.

You’re so strong. By Marshall’s 2nd birthday party (July 2), you could crawl. Then a few days later, I looked down and you were sitting up straight, all by yourself. Just a few days after that, you were pulling yourself into a standing position. That’s right! You’re not even 7 months old yet and you’re already standing!

Livia The Beautiful, The Curious, The Strong.

You are amazing and I love you so much!


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