Day 12: Things We’ve Heard

  • Today I learned from a local news source that my town has not zero but “fewer than five” cases of coronavirus. As if that information is in any way helpful.
  • I looked up the relationship between blood type and coronavirus, because my husband had heard that people with certain blood types are more likely to catch the disease. More study needs to be done, but it’s possible that types A and AB may be more prone to the virus. What was interesting to me particularly, because I was just talking to my mom about this yesterday, is that blood type does matter when it comes to certain other viruses, such as norovirus. I said to my mom that I don’t worry about norovirus, because I don’t usually catch the stomach flu. Apparently, people with B type blood do tend to be resistant, so my seeming immunity to it might not be just wishful thinking.
  • I also came across an article that stated that there’s not enough evidence yet to say that ibuprofen is bad for coronavirus patients. That’s good news, because it keeps that option open for us. The acetaminophen arrived today, so now we are fully stocked with fever reducers. I am grateful, but I hope we won’t need them.
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