Day 13: No Winning

  • Yesterday one of my fellow teleworkers found out that the grocery store she’s been shopping at has an employee who tested positive for COVID-19. Her town, though smaller than mine, already has more cases, probably because it’s closer to Boston, a hot spot in this pandemic. Grocery stores are supposed to be relatively safe, but the virus can persist in the air for hours, so she has reason to be concerned.
  • Worse yet, I just found out that one of our coworkers, who works in the main office, has tested positive. The bright side is that he or she is said to be responding well to treatment, but of course, everyone else in the office is now concerned about possible exposure to the virus. The office is in Fairfield county, an area hit hard due to its proximity to New York. As I mentioned the other day, that town has already had at least one coronavirus-related death. My last visit to the office was about four weeks ago, so I don’t have to worry for my own sake, at least, but I am worried about my coworkers, particularly my boss. She seemed to be running herself a little ragged in the days before the governor shut down all the businesses. I am sending positive thoughts their way.
  • I have not gone anywhere except my yard and the woods for nearly two weeks. I am grateful to have woods so close that I can get there without driving, and paths that few other people share. The only downside is that it is now tick season, which brings its own set of diseases to worry about. Sometimes there is no winning in this world.
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