Day 103: Happy

Today I am happy because Marshall’s birthday gifts all arrived on time. Yay!

I still feel a little bad, though, because his gifts are so paltry compared to Livia’s last birthday gift. She got a trip to Great Wolf Lodge. It was a big, expensive gift that was fun for the whole family.

I remember that trip to GWL very clearly. COVID-19 had only just (as far as anyone knew) landed on American shores. The virus was so new that it didn’t have a name yet. It was referred to simply as the “novel coronavirus.” I remember saying to my husband, “I’m glad we’re here now, because in a couple of weeks it won’t be safe to travel.”

Little did I know. It might already have been unsafe to travel in the Boston area, one of the early hot spots. Not long after, we went to a fencing tournament. We got sick afterward. Nothing big, just something that made us feel run-down. Later we wondered, “Could it have been the coronavirus?”

Probably not, but we’ll never know. And because we have no immunity that we know of, we’re not going to travel for a long, long time. It’s sad, because there’s nothing Marshall wants more right now than a summer vacation. I promised him that we’ll take a vacation as soon as things get better, no matter what time of year it is. But it’s just a promise, and no matter how much we mean to keep our promises, sometimes we can’t. There are no guarantees.

But I am happy today, because Marshall will have a cake with candles on it for his birthday. We will sing to him. He will have presents to open. And he will, we hope, have a happy birthday.

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