Day 107: The Covid 5

I have gained about 5 pounds over the last few months. This is surprising. I’m normally good at maintaining my weight, so good, in fact, that my doctors routinely comment on it. The weight gain is even more shocking given that I’ve exercised nearly every day for weeks, something I have not historically been good at. I’d like to imagine that it’s muscle weight, and maybe some of it is, but my pants are also tighter, which means that some of it isn’t. I suppose it could be premenopausal weight, but I really don’t need hormonal issues on top of everything else right now. So I’m going to blame it on the coronavirus, because I’m already so upset about other aspects of the pandemic that this one will hardly register. I will refer to it as “The Covid 5” and pray that it doesn’t morph into the “Covid 10 Plus.”

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