Day 106: Summer Activities

Today I am going to work on a schedule of summer activities for the children. There’s a lot of summer time ahead, and I do not want the kids spending all of it on TV and video games. That’s how they spent the last two weeks, which sounds bad, but it’s what they needed. After months of distance learning (which they hated), they deserved some time to do what they most felt like doing. But it’s not healthy in the long-term. They need more fresh air, exercise, and mental activity. They also need more structure, a basic framework around which to build their days. Some of the scheduled activities will be the things they love and already do without instruction (video games, TV, and reading). But they will also need sports, games, crafts, and other activities with which to fill the remaining hours.

I’m going to try to aim high while also being realistic in my expectations. There may be mothers out there who would do such a fantastic job of scheduling activities that their kids would never suffer a dull moment. I am not one of those moms. I know I won’t be able to make up for the lack of summer camp. I have a job and I cannot be my kids’ constant companion. I’m also incapable of creating or adhering to a strict schedule.

But I do believe I can do better than leaving them propped up in front of a computer or TV screen for the remainder of the season. So, I’m putting my thinking cap on now. Wish me luck.

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