Murder with Deja Vu

Somewhere along the way I finished reading Murder with Peacocks but forgot to mention it. Oops. Well, here goes.

Murder with Peacocks by Donna Andrews

Grade: B

This is another Meg Langslow mystery (the first, actually) and it is likable, just like the other two I already read. This time, Meg is the maid of honor and wedding planner for three brides: her mother, her future sister-in-law, and her best friend. When an obnoxious party guest is found murdered, it’s up to Meg to find the murderer while keeping all of the weddings on track.

Had I read this first, I might have liked it best, but I am now quite tired of the author’s formula. I am also unhappy with the way that the characters behave sometimes. Meg breaks into houses without breaking a sweat, and when her future boyfriend catches her in the act, he accepts it with amazing nonchalance. Hey! It’s called lawbreaking and you can go to jail for it. At the very least, treat it as an unusual occurrence!

Murder with Peacocks still gets a B for being easy, enjoyable reading, but it’s the last book from this series for me.

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