Christmas Wish

My future father-in-law came over a couple of weeks ago to help move our new sofa into the house. I was sitting at my desk when Faithful Reader brought him through my office. Faithful Reader explained that I was working and his father said, “You mean she’s making money right now?” We nodded and his face lit up with delight.

I remember that moment for a few reasons. First, because I dislike working at home and need to be reminded periodically that it’s a wonderful thing. Take last night for example. Deep snow looks lovely from the window of a snug little office. It is not nearly so nice when you’re stuck on the highway for hours, as so many were last night. I am lucky that I don’t have a daily commute to worry about.

Second, because the man has a remarkable smile. You have to love life in order to be able to smile like that. I can’t claim to know him very well, but it seems to me that he embraces life wholeheartedly. I admire that.

And last, because I wonder sometimes if he thinks that I don’t like him. He is outgoing. I am shy. We haven’t yet found our common ground. My Christmas wish is to find that common ground and to get to know him, and the rest of my future in-laws, better this coming year.

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