Ounce, Dice, Trice by Alastair Reid
Grade: B

Amazon has been trying to sell me this book for a while, but I’ve been burned too many times by their recommendations, so I ordered it from the library instead. Good thing I did. It’s a fun book, but not one I want to own, because it’s just lists of words. I read word lists all day long. They don’t mean much. Even interesting lists become boring if you read too many at one time, and the more there are, the less likely they are to stay with you.

The kinds of lists in this book include palindromes, drows (words spelled backward), light words (e.g., Ariel, willow), heavy words (e.g, duffle, blunderbuss), made-up words with silly definitions (e.g., “kinklunk,” a car going over a manhole cover). So if you’re interested in wordplay and made-up words, then you might enjoy browsing this book on a rainy afternoon. Parents of children old enough to appreciate wordplay might enjoy turning the book into a game by building similar lists with their children. My children are too young for that right now, but I’ll keep the idea in mind for when they’re older.

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