SITY: Memories of Violets

I recently wrote about ticks and how much they were ticking me off. If you read my comment on the post, you’ll see that just a quick walk in the yard garnered me another tick crawling on my leg. Yuck! I haven’t been out in the yard since, sad though that is.

Because I haven’t been out, I haven’t been photographing and enjoying my violets. Of course, most of them are dead now, thanks to the lawn mower. Under other circumstances, I might have asked my husband to hold off, but mowing is one of the ways to keep the ticks out of your yard. It had to be done.

I miss my violets. Let’s try to remember how beautiful they were. To help us, here are some photos I took a few weeks ago.

"Can we talk?"

"Two violets walk into a bar..."

"You make me happy when skies are grey..."

"Good things come in small packages."

"Dance with me."

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