Wazzup Was

The events of late September—

Faithful Reader took me to a Ben Folds Five concert to celebrate my birthday. It was an outdoor concert. The weather was chilly but otherwise cooperative and I was happy sitting with my honey, listening to music under an autumn sky, surrounded by the tall and elegant buildings of downtown Providence.

Faithful Reader surprised me with a beautiful diamond wedding band. I had been looking at it on the website but had been afraid to buy it, given that we were just days away from the purchase of our first house. He knew I would probably choose the plain, cheap band and he wanted me to have the one I really liked. Sometimes he is the best man in the world.

Saturday, September 27th was my wedding shower. I had lots of food, laughter, and conversation, not to mention the requisite “shower” of gifts. Such kindness and generosity helps make up for the Hell that is wedding planning.

We tried our first slow-cooker recipe on that same day. Early in the day Faithful Reader said, “It’s almost impossible to cook it too long.” That kind of comment is just asking for trouble, don’t you think? It’s like thumbing your nose at Fate. Later, he went to pick me up from the shower and while we noshed on pizza at an impromptu dinner get-together, our curry chicken cooked to a rich, burnt brown. But looking on the bright side, the experiment proved that the slow cooker works.

We bought our house at the end of September. It was scary to be signing papers on a mortgage at the same time as the financial system seemed to be imploding. I still don’t know what to think about it. Only time will tell if we were geniuses buying near the market bottom or morons buying on the leading edge of another Great Depresssion.

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