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Day 99: Pancakes

I cooked pancakes for the kids today. It must have been quite a while since the last time I cooked pancakes, because the children were both shocked and profusely grateful. Livia, who scored the first pancake, said, “I’m proud of … Continue reading

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Now We’re Cooking

How to cook delicious soup in three easy steps: Find a slow cooker recipe for delicious soup. Buy all of the ingredients. Hand recipe and ingredients to husband and say, “Here. Make this delicious soup.” I first tried this method … Continue reading

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Easy as Pie, With a Few Screw-Ups Along the Way

Yesterday I was sad to find that I had some expired vanilla yogurt in the refrigerator. Expired yogurt always makes me unhappy. I know that there’s not a magical dairy fairy who destroys the yogurt the moment it hits its … Continue reading

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Peril in the Kitchen

The first time I encountered a recipe with polenta, I followed the instructions for cooking it the old-fashioned way, thinking “how hard can it be?” What I didn’t realize is that polenta is Italian for “sore arms.” Well, not really, … Continue reading

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Only in America

Faithful Reader and I have a big problem with small appliances. We have too many of them. I doubt that we are alone in this. Small appliances are hard to resist. They do such marvelous things. Who hasn’t watched those … Continue reading

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Wazzup Was

The events of late September— Faithful Reader took me to a Ben Folds Five concert to celebrate my birthday. It was an outdoor concert. The weather was chilly but otherwise cooperative and I was happy sitting with my honey, listening … Continue reading

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