Favorite Thing: My Husband’s Sense of Humor

My husband recently found a shelf that I had purchased for my condo but had never used. He thought we should put it in the master bathroom of our house. Not that it matches our bathroom decor at all (nothing in this universe does, or should), but just to make use of the shelf finally. So we agreed on a place to put it and he installed it. He then arranged our respective tubes of toothpaste on it, rolling each tube up so that it looked sort of like a seal sunning itself on a beach. I saw what he had done just before I went to bed. I thought it was cute. I responded by placing the two tubes in a compromising position. When I got up in the morning, I found them arranged like this:

Baby Toothpaste

This is what happens when toothpaste tubes can’t control themselves.

I love my husband’s sense of humor, and it’s things like this toothpaste tableau that have kept me with him for all these years. Sure, he can make me angrier than anyone else can. Like Agatha Christie once had Miss Marple say, “You can only really get under anybody’s skin if you are married to them.” But no one can make me laugh like he can, either. He has given me the gift of laughter almost every day for all the years that we’ve been together. And that’s why my husband’s sense of humor is one of My Favorite Things.

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