Nothing but the Best

“Nothing but the best for Bonnie” is the punchline of a running joke Faithful Reader and I have about the house. It refers to something we were told by our realtor when we bought the house. Tom, one of the former owners, claimed to have spent a great deal of money on a new well pump because his wife, Bonnie, always insisted on the best. This claim gives us such a laugh because it is so obviously refuted by every old, broken light fixture, and every cheap, worn floor covering, not to mention the nonmatching collection of kitchen appliances that range in age from the antique to the merely vintage.

There is a lot of work to be done to bring this house up to our standards. Sometimes the task before us threatens to overwhelm me. “Nothing but the best for Bonnie” is the joke that keeps me from despair. It helps me realize, when I look at the horrible light fixtures in the master bathroom, that though they may not be the best, they sure are funny.


It’s hard to believe these egg-shaped globes were ever in vogue!

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