Favorite Things: Bold Colors

Today my toenails are a dark shade of purple. I painted them that color while the kids were bathing yesterday, because what else is there to do while the kids are busy splashing each other? Before that my nails were a deep metallic blue, and before that they were a shocking candy-apple red. These colors are a far cry from my usual pearly whites and pinks.

Why the sudden change? It’s just my small way of trying to live more boldly. A small gesture to be sure, but it’s an inexpensive and innocuous way to have a little fun. The kids sure get a kick out of it. They always notice the color change right away, and they are happily mystified by it every time.

The only problem is that I’m finding these darker colors to be less forgiving all around. Mistakes are more noticeable. Chips are more noticeable. And when it comes time to change colors, you have to work extra hard to get every bit of the old polish off so that it won’t show through the new coat. It sure ain’t easy being bold!

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5 Responses to Favorite Things: Bold Colors

  1. sprite says:

    My discovery about chips is that no one really notices but you. My toenails are usually fine, but the fingernails start chipping by the end of the day I paint them. But no one cares, even when they’re half-chipped off, and people love when they’re different or seasonal colors.

  2. chick says:

    You’re probably right that other people don’t notice the chips as much. It also ain’t easy being a perfectionist! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. sprite says:

    I swear: people have raved about my nails when the polish is half gone on them! I guess we aren’t the only ones who love bold colors. My only complaint about them is that because I don’t use a basecoat, if I go a little while between removing the polish and repainting, certain nails tend to be slightly yellowish or bluish for a few days.

  4. chick says:

    I don’t use a base coat either. Maybe I should. But I’m so lazy that adding an extra step to the nail-painting process might mean that I never get it done at all.

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